About location

We are located in the north-western part of Estonia, just 1,2 kilometres from Port Dirhami. Dirhami is a small village, which is mostly known for the port. During summer you can watch thousands of yachts passing by from the guest house, which is located just next to the sea. From Tallinn it takes about one hour and thirty minutes by car to arrive at the accommodation point and it is approachable from the villages of Spithamn and Dirhami.

The house is located just next to the sea, in a pine-forest. The beach offers its guests a wonderful opportunity for sun-bathing and swimming, besides that, it is a sandy beach, which is especially good for families with children. Privacy is probably one of the key words for our accommodation. These days it is hard to find a place with such unique landscapes, which would not be surrounded by masses of people. The closest neighbours are 1,2 kilometres away from the accommodation, which should grant the guests enough privacy for their friends and family. It is important for us to offer the best kind of accommodation for our clients.

About 1 kilometre away from the accommodation is the Põõsaspea bird-watching tower, which is one of the most known bird-watching towers in Estonia. Guests have the opportunity to see many different kinds of birds there. The village of Spithamn, which is just north-west from the tower, used to be the fishing place for the peasants of Nõva. In 1344 the Swedes established a small village in the north-western part of Estonia, which is currently known as Spithami.

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